Is it illegal to wear a bulletproof vest?

In most countries it is legal even for civilians to wear a bulletproof vest in public. The specific rules differ from country to country however. We always suggest checking up on your own specific country of residence.

What does bulletproof even mean?

No bulletproof vest is capable of protecting againt all kinds of rounds. Instead some bulletproof vests protects against certain types of rounds while other are capable of protecting against other types of projectiles and fragments.

It's a common misunderstanding that bulletproof vests are capable of protecting against knives, arrows and armor-piercing projectiles. They siimply do not, as these will penetrate the layers in a regular bulletproof vest. For threats like these you need specific products for each one.

The american standard for specyfying which product handle what threat is made and handled by National Institute of Justice and is called the NIJ standard. The bulletproof vests and other products are ranked by this charter:


NIJ Skala


Bulletproof vests from Protection Group Danmark qualify NIJ level 3A and can be upgraded to level 4. Find them here

What are bulletproof made from? When was it invented?

We wrote a separate article covering this question here.

How does a bulletproof vest work?

The common belief is that a bulletproof vest works by deflecting the bullet. This is not accurate.
A bulletproof vest is made from several layers of material. The purpose is for the layers to catch the bullet and absorb its energy to distribute the force over a larger surface area. This enables our body to withstand the impact. The user will still have to endure the entire force from the hit, but by distributing the force over a larger area, will only suffer minor damage and bruises instead of being penetrated by the bullet.

What is the price of a cheap stab proof vest?

Worst case it comes at the cost of your life if you buy a product of poor production from a untrustworthy manufacturer. Stab proof vests from Protection Group Danmark are made in Denmark and Europe to ensure high quality craftmanship and products. You can view our selection of stab proof vests here.

What is the best bulletproof vest?

Basically the best bulletproof vest is the one that protects you when you need it. Which vest would be the best for you depends on things like:

  • What type of ammunition is it required to protect against?

  • Does it have to be bulletproof, stab proof or both?

  • How heavy is it?

  • How does the vest fit your body?

  • Which accessories are available and fits with your bulletproof vest?

  • What is the price?

The level of quality can vary drastically if you buy cheap bulletproof vests from untrustworthy countries. Bulletproof vests from Protection Group Danmark are made in Denmark and Europe to ensure the highest level of quality. We recommend you stick with recognized brands from trustworthy manufacturers. Saving a few bucks is not worth risking your life over.

You can view our selection of bulletproof vests here.

Which bulletproof vests are used by the military and police?

Police and military do not share what types of bulletproof vests they use with the public. This is obviously a matter of safety.

What is the price of a bulletproof vest?

It depends a lot on which type of ammunition it is required to protect against and which options for customization and accessories you need. Protection Group Danmark offer these bulletproof vests and here you can find out which one suits you the best.

Can I buy a second hand bulletproof vest?

In short, yes you CAN. However we do not think you SHOULD.  Don't do it because you can never be sure what kind of stress the bulletproof vest has been through and you have no guarantee it works any more.

If you consider buying a pre-used vest you might aswell draw a big cross on your chest and yell out 'shoot me, I'm right here' to your enemies. That way you at least saved your money from buying the vest.

If you are looking for a new, cheap and high quality bulletproof vest, we recommend you have a look at the PGD-Beta in the shop.