Cut-resistant gloves


Cut-resistant gloves for security, police and military use. Made with special attention to all kind of great details:

  • Works well on touch screens.
  • Cut resistant level 5.
  • Reinforced protection on the knuckles.
  • Unique materials on the palm for improved grip. 
Cut-resistant gloves
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Cut-resistant gloves come in many different variants, qualities and for different purposes. At Protection Group Danmark we have designed our gloves with the aim that the gloves need to provide you with the best possible protection while the cut resistant gloves are very ergonomic, and gives you a good feeling. Our gloves can be used by police, security, military, doormen and security guards. 


This sensing technology is our unique "Feeling Touch", which gives you better sensing on the fingers. This means that you can feel the things you touch even better than a normal cut-proof glove in the cut resistant level 5.


All of our gloves are lined with cut-resistant UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) in the cut resistant level 5, after the European standard EN388. By using UHMWPE you get a glove that in addition to giving you the best protection against knives and sharp objects such as bottles, also gives you a very flexible, thin and breathable cut resistant glove that will avoid sweat and bacteria’s when wearing it over long periods. 


Furthermore, all gloves work on touch-devices and screens, so you do not need to take off your glove when working. 


Gloves from PGD are all made of durable materials where we have reinforced seams so the gloves keep strong and durable when used. Also, we have lavished extra for the small details like the silicone printed grip and special leather pattern in the palm that enhances your grip strength significantly. By buying gloves from PGD, you get high-quality for a very low price. 



PGD 100 Zulu

  • Durable synthetic leather. 

  • Silicone printed grip on palm for better grip. 

  • EN388 cut resistant level 5.


PGD 200 Pro

  • The unique leather pattern on the palm strengthens your grip. 

  • EN388 cut resistant level 5. 

  • Knuckles are reinforced with moulded polycarbonate.