Cut resistant gloves with touch and knuckle protection | PGD ​​200 Pro

Cut resistant gloves with touch and knuckle protection | PGD ​​200 Pro

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If your hands break, you're out of the fight. You can not defend yourself. You can not hold anything. You can not call for help. You can not shoot your weapon. Your hands are paramount to your fighting ability. A professional protects their hands at all costs so they can finish the job and get home alive.

The PGD 200 Pro's ultra-thin design provides maximum dexterity, full coverage including the knuckles and with touch function on the thumb, so you can use it on touch screens.

Ordinary cut-resistant gloves are often thick and not very ergonomic. The cut-resistant PE material is so thin that you can feel everything you touch.

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PGD 200 Pro are level 5 cut resistant gloves according to European standard EN 388: 2016. It is the highest cut-safe level.


PGD 200 Pro is designed in Denmark, Europe by experts to ensure that the glove fits perfectly to the hand without compromising on safety. The glove is ergonomically designed so that it is easy to give in and you do not notice that it is protected with cut-resistant PE material on the entire palm.


On the knuckles, the PGD 200 Pro has a thick layer of plastic. It is invisible because it is covered with durable Schoeller® Keprotec®. At the same time, a soft layer of foam is placed behind the knuckles, which takes the impact damage. Just slam your hand into a wall. Your knuckles are protected.


  • Ergonomic palm with Schoeller®

  • Our unique "Feeling Touch" Technology, gives a better feeling.

  • Touch-screen material on the thumb.

  • Reinforced plastic knuckle with Schoeller® Keprotec®,

  • Made of durable cut-resistant PE.

  • The unique leather pattern on the palm, which protects and gives a stronger grip.

  • cut resistant to level 5 according to EN 388: 2016

  • Elastic velcro closure.

The PGD 200 Pro has been tested according to the following standards:

UNE-EN 388: 2016

  • Cut resistant to level 5

UNE-EN 388: 2016

  • Puncture Resistant level 3

  • Abrasion Resistant level 3

  • Tear Resistance level 4

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  • My favourites

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    Great and good fitting gloves. My new favourites :-)

  • Across the Pond

    Reviewed by

    My confidence has been surrendered to a foreign power :) .. Quality and Integrity is how I’d describe Protection Group Danmark. The vest I received exceeded my expectations. The sizing chart is spot-on and the material contours perfectly to my body. My chest simply looks slightly bigger and I can conceal it with a “thin” Patagonia hoody undershirt and a solid t-shirt underneath (This just happens to be what I wear). I’m a social worker in a high-risk environment not law enforcement so personal protection can be perceived as both offensive and alarming to those I seek to assist. You just never know. Bought gloves as well. My suggestion imagine ordering them a size small and then order them a size smaller than that. You want them to fit super tight and work into them. (Like a pair of leather roping gloves). Keeping in mind the material being used may be hard to work with. The thumbs just didn’t work for me so I cut them off. DPG offered me a discount with no hesitation eventhough it was long after the 30 day guarantee that I bothered to mention it. What more can you ask of a person than that they stand behind their words. I wear my vest daily as I walk home after midnight through neighborhoods that people are being shot in weekly. Just last night a person was shot in the hip at 12:51am near my bus stop here in Seattle,WA USA. People are quitting left and right because of the violence. I depend on my vest and so do the 300 plus men that depend upon me to be there for them. When you put on a vest you’re in a partnership between you and the manufacturer. Do you trust your partner, I trust mine..

  • Nice Product from Danish Store

    Reviewed by

    Nice Product from Danish Store

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