Sizeguide cut resistant gloves

The right size for a glove can be found by following this guide.


You take a tape measure and measure around your knuckles. Make sure you measure the widest part of your hand in a relaxed state.


For example, our experience shows that if your hand gauge is 8.5’’ cm, then you should choose a size Medium and conversely, if it measures 9.5’’, then you should take a size L.


The glove fits properly when it is tight and feels like part of the hand, without tightening. 

There should be no extra air in the tips, as you know it from children's shoes.


Sizes for gloves


Measurement by the knuckles


8" / 20 cm


9" / 23 cm


10" / 26 cm


11" / 28 cm


12" /30,5 cm)


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