PGD-Ultra | 3-in-1 bulletproof and stab proof vest

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PGD-ULTRA is the bullet- and stab proof vest for you who operate in high-risk areas.

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You get a 3-in-1 vest that is bulletproof, stab and spike resistance. 

  1. PGD ULTRA is bulletproof vest that has been tested to the highest level of protection, NIJ IIIA, and can withstand threats up to a .44 Magnum and .357 Sig.

  2. PGD ULTRA is stab and spike proof and have been tested against HOSDB 2017 KR1+SP1. It is more than normal bulletproof and stab proof vests do.

  3. PGD ULTRA is extreme flexible and thin (7 mm) and is easy to conceal.

PGD ULTRA is 6 times stronger than steel because it is made of a unique composition of Goldshield and Dyneema.


  • NIJ IIIA 0101.04

  • HOSDB 2017 KR1+SP1

  • 7 mm thin

  • 9/10 flexibility

Unique Bullet and stab proof vest vest with Outlast PCM® technology.

A PGD-ULTRA bullet- and stab proof vest comes with Outlast® PCM technology. This means that the vest adapts to your body temperature. If you feel hot, the technology helps you get rid of the heat, and conversely, if you feel cold, the technology keeps you warm.

Outlast® PCM was originally developed for NASA and makes it possible to wear the vest over long periods of 12-14 hours at a time.

Outlast® is a technology, not a material. Traditional mesh / sweat-absorbing materials only help you get rid of the heat. when you have been active. This means that when the skin gets warm, for example when you are active, Outlast® keeps you cool. When the skin gets cold, for example, because you keep watch or observe, Outlast® keeps you warm. In this way, it provides a bulletproof vest with Outlast® providing maximum comfort.

Outlast® technology can be compared to the ice in a drink; when it changes from solid to liquid, it absorbs heat and cools the beverage and keeps the beverage at the desired temperature for longer. As with thermal underwear, Outlast® technology controls moisture by reacting to your sweat and pulling it away from the skin.

Technical specifications:

  • 7-year ballistic warranty

  • 100% water/sweat resistant ultrasonic sealed PU cover

  • Unisex (can be used by both male and female body shapes)

  • Concealed design

  • 2-year warranty on the plate carrier

  • It is possible to add hard armor plates in both front and back.

    • S-M accepts S ESAPI

    • L-XL accepts M ESAPI

    • XXL 10x12, M Esapi

    • XXXL, 10x12, M and L ESAPI

  • Find the size that fits you here.


Comments 3

  • Number One personal shiel

    Reviewed by

    My first impression was great! Maybe due to the flexible constuction, low weight and good fit (nearly "tailor made"). The on-line quide to select a proper size was really usefull when wondering between different sizes. The possibility to apply even more protection with hard plates is very attractive :-) But anyway, the PGD-Ultra vest even as such seems to be the Numeber One choice for personal shield for me :-)

  • Outstanding service, comfortable vest

    Reviewed by

    During the order and shipment process I asked many questions, every time I received a quick and helpful answer. Thank you very much for this outstanding service. The vest itself is comfortable to wear, light and still has good flexibility given the protection level. So all-in-all: very satisfied.

  • This comment is to rate comfort of the vest.

    Reviewed by

    Haven't been shot yet or stabbed. This comment is to rate comfort of the vest. In Greece it is both cold, humid and hot at times (much like London but with a 40 degree Celsius heat at times) and i constantly wear it without any discomfort. Keeps me warm and cool, depending on what i need. Very light, even for a bullet and stab proof vest. If i get shot or stabbed ( god i hope i don't ), i will inform about it. Thank you for your work. Keep up the good job.

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