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The FRAG is our heavy duty tactical vest with an agile design and cut for a high mobility. It comes with our DELTA soft armor.

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The FRAG is our heavy duty tactical vest. The FRAG is designed in Denmark through a cooperation with Orion Defence with focus on maximum ballistic coverage, with an agile design and cut for a high mobility.

FRAG is designed to offer maximum fragmentation protection according to STANAG2920 as well as ballistic protection against handguns up to a .44 magnum according to NIJ 0101.04 IIIA, which gives you a full 360° ballistic/fragmentation protection. With a flexible ballistic soft armor, you will have very high comfort and the vest will adapt to your body through every movement. 

The soft armor cut is designed to contour to the body without feeling bulky. The agility and maintaining protection of the most vital areas on your body have been some of our top priorities.

The FRAG accepts hard armor plates in both front and back. For side armor protection you need to upgrade with a plate pocket, which does not come with the FRAG system per default. 

  • Small accepts size S ESAPI & 30x25 cm plates
  • Medium-XL accepts up to size M ESAPI & 30x25 cm plates
  • XXL accepts up to size L ESAPI & 30x25 cm plates
  • XXXL accepts up to size XL ESAPI & 30x25 cm plates

The hard armor plates are being inserted through the velcro opening on the inside of the vest, and you can adjust them to sit low or high with the adjustable cordura straps on the inside. 

The Placard is attached with velcro, and can be replaced and attached through G hook or similar webbing mounted system through the molle webbing, that is “hidden” behind the laser-cut webbing on the front.


Important features of the FRAG tactical vest:

  • Webbing at shoulder straps have a breaking strength of 1472 kg, furthermore the Metal slide is made with 2 inch metal according to MIL-L-3851 for extreme durability that never will fail. 
  • Laminate fabric is PU coated, DWR, IRR and water resistant - made in Europe (Foxa Oy Finland) and (Brookwoods Companies, INC. USA)
  • Quick release buckles from italian 2M™
  • Lined with Outlast PCM technology for maximum comfort
  • Full 360° ballistic and fragmentation protection:  
    • Stops 44 magnum and 9 mm FMJ at 450 m/s according to NIJ 0101.04 IIIA
    • STANAG 2920 V50 at 606 m/s

Size chart:

When you measure yourself, it is important that you wear layers of clothes to get the correct sizing with your finished setup. The size is designed to follow your width, so if you measure 85 cm, we suggest you take a medium that covers 90 cm for full 360° protection.


Circumference at waist


80 cm


90 cm


100 cm


110 cm 


120 cm


130 cm

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