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This SAPI plate is for when you need protection against more powerful weapons than handguns, for example rifles such as M80 and AK47.

It leaves space to move your arms without the plate getting in the way. This makes it a natural part of the body so you can continue to perform at the top level.

The PGD-LW+ is produced in Europe because we want to be sure that the quality is in order. The front plate is designed in multi-curve and the side plate is made in single-cut.

It is the lightest of our plates and weighs only 1.5 kg / 3.3 lbs. The side plates weigh only 0.47-0.62 kg. / 1- 1,4 lbs

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How is the weight of the PGD-LW+ kept so low?

We use quality materials from Honeywell and Dyneema to keep the weight down on the plate and at the same time ensure that it is resistant to multi-hits. The plate is 100% HPPE (High performance Polyethylene), which is made to put in the side of your combat vest.

It is not only mobile phones that need a protective cover when it is dropped. To ensure a long-lasting plate, there is a thin layer of foam around the plate. That layer protects the plate if you e.g. loses it so that the plate retains its ballistic properties and is always battle-ready. We have it because we do not think it pays to skip where the fence is lowest when it comes to your safety.

What is the benefit of a SAPI plate?

The advantage of a 100% polyethylene SAPI plate is that the weight is much lower than a ceramic plate. Polyethylene can often handle several impacts in the same area, which are located close to each other.

It is an incredibly strong bulletproof plate against multiple hits, because we uphold the highest quality in the production. The plates have an anti Back face signature liner, which protects your internal organs from the force of the impacts, so you stay alive.

The plate is produced under extreme pressure, which means that it can withstand being dropped and still be resistant to any combat situation.

In addition, the plate is covered with a liquid-repellent Cordura cover, which protects the ballistic properties against water, oil and similar liquids.


The SAPI plate stop threats from:

  • 7.62x51 NATO, M80 (NIJ level 3 0101.06)

  • 7.62x39 MSC, AK47

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Specifications for PGD-Lightweight

  • Ballistic: Tested to NIJ level III

  • Stand Alone: ​​Requires no soft armor

  • Lightweight: The SAPI plate weighs only 1,5 kg / 3.3 lbs. The side plate weighs only 0,45 kg / 1 lbs (6x6’’) and 0,63 kg / 1,4 lbs (6x8’’)

  • Thickness: 28 mm

  • SAPI cut

  • Maximum comfort: Multi curved

  • Water-repellent cover against oil and similar liquids

  • Long warranty: 7 year warranty


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Testrapport - NIJ standard 0101.06 mod 7.62x51 nato - kontakt for at få tilsendt rapporten.  

Testrapport PGD-LW NIJ 3

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